When hearing about Hungary, foreigners at faraway places first think of the goulash soup and Puskás, the football player. The Dobos cake would surely come in third for Europeans. When designing this cake, confectioner József Dobos had the intention to make a cake with a quality lasting at least for 10 days even beside the old cooling technologies. Dobos was rather surprised to see how tasty his cake was found by the audience. This cake was first made in 1885 and its recipe was made public in 1995. We make this cake according to the original recipe.

original recipe OF cake DOBOS


6 eggs, 0.15 kg flour, 0.12 kg sugar

9 eggs, 0.3 kg sugar, 0.4 kg butter, 0.03 kg vanilla sugar, 0.05 kg vanilla pudding powder, 0.1 kg melted chocolate

Sponge cake
The eggs are separated. The white, with two-thirds sugar added, is whipped into a hard cream, and the yolk is whipped with the residual one-third part of the sugar. We carefully mix the white with the yolk and add the flour. Six, round and thin pastry layers are placed on the oiled and floured hot plate and are baked like a wafer at 180°C. After baking, the sponge cake is cut from under.

The butter is whipped and the melted chocolate is added. The whole eggs are mixed with the sugar, vanilla pudding and vanilla sugar, and are heated above steam up to about 80°C while continuously stirred. Then it is whipped until cool, finally the whipped egg cream is lightly added to the chocolate butter.

The five layers are put together with the cream filling, and the sixth layer is covered with the melted sugar.

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