The tirol strudel

THE TIROL STRUDEL This is the most [...]

The tirol strudel2020-03-10T09:42:50+01:00

Eszterházy Cake

THE Eszterházy Cake This cake comes [...]

Eszterházy Cake2020-02-03T19:51:54+01:00

Round pastries

Round pastries The round pastry, as [...]

Round pastries2020-01-08T09:49:13+01:00

Almond Cake

ALMOND CAKE Csaba Valkai, the chief [...]

Almond Cake2020-02-03T19:52:32+01:00

Cream pastry

ruszwurm cream pastry The classical Hungarian [...]

Cream pastry2020-01-08T09:52:16+01:00

Dobos cake

Cake DOBOS When [...]

Dobos cake2020-01-07T21:37:48+01:00