In 2023, SPICCES FÜGE RESPECTUS became the Cake of Hungary

The creation of Pál Lakatos, confectioner of Levendula és Kert Cukrászda in Szigetszentmiklós, the cake with the imaginative name “Spicces fig respect” can bear the title of Cake of Hungary. The cake is made up of a whipped joconde with almond flour, a soft salted caramel mousse cream and a nut-caramel crisp, which also contains cocoa bean crumbs. Tokaji black cherry fig jelly and milk chocolate mirror jelly with acacia honey make this flavor really special, which is crowned by the white chocolate ganache with acacia honey and the walnut sable disc. In the name of the cake, the adjective “spices” refers to the wine content of the fig jelly, while “respect” is the creator’s tribute to his teachers and mentors.

In 2023, the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Council announced the Cake of Hungary competition for the seventeenth time. Back in April, the professional jury selected the six finalist cakes from a total of 35 entries. The confectioners then had to prepare these in June, in the workshop of the industrial association, in the presence of the jury members. At that time, in addition to the previously defined characteristics (taste / harmony of flavors, appearance / appearance, technology / practicality / creativity, texture / textures / cutting surface), the workshop was also evaluated, for example compliance with technological processes, the professional use of tools and the handling of raw materials were scrutinized too.

The novelty of this year’s confectionary competition was that at least one of the basic baskets made up of the national values and hungaricum required by them had to be used for the named cakes. The confectioners had to use at least one of the Újfehértó cluster cherries, Kalocsa paprika powder, Tokaj aszú, Hungarian acacia honey and herbs such as chamomile, lavender, mint, lemongrass, rosemary or thyme. There was a confectioner who combined 2-3 ingredients in his cake. In addition to the obligatory elements and fruits, several cakes also featured milkshakes and cheese.

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