Naughty plum prince

In 2022, Naughty plum prince became the Cake of Hungary

The creation of confectioner Orsolya Karikó from Nagykőrös, the cake with the fanciful name NAUGHTY PLUM PRINCE can bear the title of Cake of Hungary this year. Master confectioner László Gyuris won the Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary competition with a creation called “Grandma’s Favorite”.

The Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association announced the “Cake of Hungary” competition for the sixteenth time to celebrate our national holiday on August 20, the feast of St. Stephen, the founder of the state, and the symbolic birthday of Hungary.

Every year, the Industry Council expects recipes made with popular Hungarian flavors and fruits, which can be associated with the holiday or Hungary, and contain strictly only high-quality, natural and healthy ingredients.

This year, as a novelty in the competition notice, it was also stated that the competition works should contain at least 40% of whipped cream or other layers of dough in order to ensure that the traditions of the Hungarian confectionary industry are better reflected in the cakes. The winner is chosen every year in a three-round judging process. Based on the characteristics given in the first round, the jury members taste anonymously, from which usually five cakes advance according to the total scores. In the second round of judging, the finalist cakes are tasted again and suggestions are made to improve them. In the finals, the contestants must prepare the cakes live in the presence of the jury, which are scored based on professional criteria.

It is interesting that this year poppy seeds, cherries, Tokaj wines and sour cream were favorites of several contestants, they also represented the basic flavors of several cakes, but there were also unusual special ingredients in confectionery, such as sweet potatoes, dill, rosemary, or even foie gras.

The winner, Orsolya Karikó (Vanília & Gelarto Kézműves Cukrászat, Nagykőrös), was inspired by the harmonious combination of the excellent Eger red wine and the taste of our favorite Hungarian fruit, the plum, when the idea of ​​NAUGHTY PLUM PRINCE was born.

The base of the cake is a flourless, hazelnut dacquoise with whipped caramelized chocolate cinnamon crunch, which is softly layered with a fresh, light and tasty, piquantly seasoned plum chocolate mousse, made crazy by the atmosphere of the classic red wine created by the excellent family winery of the Eger wine region, as well as the wild cranberry, which is also a red wine. plum jelly, thus pampering our senses. The crown of the cake is a fruity topping that evokes the taste of freshly picked plums.

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